Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Random Store, Happy shopping

A new shop has appeared in the shopping mall that is Stratford, London.

I have to say that at the moment the shopping here is not so exciting. The WH Smiths and The Body Shop are the highlight of a quick stroll through on the way to the train station. (On a very positive note, Westfield II (North London?! Northfield) will be opening soon and that will ensure shopping opportunities increase dramatically. Hurrah)

This new shop is called Tiger. Check it out here .

I have never seen it before, there are not that many branches according to the website but it kind of reminds me of Muji. They have some really cute little things for baking, writing, decorating, pampering, etc, etc. The stationery section is really is really cool - where else could you get a pack of little notes books like these for a £1??

So I came out with a bagful of stuff for less than a £10, cards, doilies, notebooks and two rather nice wooden letter K's (one for me and one for a friend who may be able to sneak it in her house somewhere). Happy shopping.

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klmpink said...

Ooh good tip will have to go and check that one out! Hope you left a "k" for me!!

Ps: I'm voting for naming it Eastfield!!