Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Broken Vintage

I am ever so slightly obsessed by vintage hair clips.

It would be fair to say that I often stalk Etsy and find out what pieces are for sale. I haven't found anywhere in the UK yet that offers anything like this. Closest is Rosie Fox which I adore, but it is less vintage and more mass produced.

I recently came across this gorgeous SHOP Vintage Dreamz by Susie Marley. I bought myself a little valentines treat, this super cute pink rhinestone heart number.

It shipped super quick from Texas and certainly did not disappoint. But (and here is the but) for what they are they cost a small fortune.

As I have so much time on my hands and need another hobby (Ahem) I have been having a look at what I could buy in the UK to make my own. I have been bidding on Ebay and secured some ultra cheap lots of broken jewellery. £3.00 for a nice little pile of broken Rhinestone jewellery is much more like it!

My next challenge is to track down some wide grips and clip bases and will give it a whirl as soon as I can.

Hope to update as soon as I can as to whether this was a good idea or one of my not so good ones!. If anyone knows of ant UK places that create this sort of stuff or where I can get some raw clips, I would be really grateful if you could point me in the right direction.


Karen said...

Now I am going to have to grow my hair longer because those are just so gorgeous.

Sandie said...

What a great idea of yours to create your own. I'll keep my eye out for the bits you need.
Buying the broken jewellery is a great idea. I have a small box I've hung on to for years, I know it will be useful one day! Charity shops are a good source too. I bought some lovely vintage buttons.