Saturday, 3 January 2009


Happy New Year to one and all.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may 2009 bring you what you wish for the most.

I thought I would start my first post of 2009 with alist of goals that I hope to aim for over the next 365 days (or so!)

Try and be a bit less of a reluctant bride. Get with that wedding feeling!

Revise. Revise. Revise some more and get that work exam done and dusted THIS YEAR!

Try and get published in an Amercian mag this year. (A big goal but hey you have to aim high sometimes!)

Travel more. Go on at least two honeymoons this year!

Try and get that work/life balance a little more balanced and in harmony. I want to spend more time doing stuff that makes me happy rather than what I am obliged to do. IYKWIM!!

Lose weight. Get back running and lose weight through exercise and a little dietry constraint rather than by starvation and being miserable!!

Play with gadgets I have bought and not yet used. POGO. Letterpress. Slice. (Ouch!)Hmmm, maybe this should read learn that the thrill is in the playing and not the purchasing!!!

Take more classes online and in real life. learn new art and craft techniques and use them to the max.

I think that will surfice for the time being.

Whatever your goals are for the year. may you have sucess with them. x

(Picture by Flickr. Thoughts by me)

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