Sunday, 27 December 2009

Cabanarama by Brandy Buffington - Holiday Thanks

Phew, what happened to Christmas? Feels like I blinked and missed it!

I was very lucky to get my hands on a few new Digital Kits from Two Peas in a Bucket this week.

The first one I have been playing with is DigiKit - Cabanarama
By Brandy Buffington. Click here for a direct link.

I really like to take a kit, tip it on its head and use it for soemthing it really shouldnt be used for.

So I figured a nice tropical kit would look great for an after Christmas Thank You card. (Wierd Logic!)

As ever, there are a super huge amount of elements in the kit.

This is a hybrid card. I used Martha Stewart Hydrangea punches to create some 3-D flowers. The label is part of the kit itself, which I printed and slotted so that I could add some ribbon.

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Debbie said...

wow gorgeous card, I have spent all day making thankyou cards (well seems like it). Yours is far superior to mine!!